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Bill Travis #16

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Bill Travis is overdue to take his wife on a getaway vacation, and with two tickets for a tour of the Central Texas wine country in hand (bought to assuage his biting conscience) Julie accompanies him on the trip. It just so happens, however, that Bill is also interested in an unsolved murder at a winery near Trantor's Crossing. Thus begins the bus trip of a lifetime with a gruff female bus driver at the wheel and a coterie of bored couples with time on their hands and an unquenchable thirst for alcohol made in Texas vineyards. But around Bill Travis the action can get a little intense, particularly when someone doesn't want him to press the issue any further. Ensues more fist fights, shootouts, helicopter assaults, and even confrontations with a deadly motorcycle gang than anything Bill Travis has ever encountered before.

With heart-pounding action seeping from every wine-stained page, Reveille In Red is the sixteenth (and much overdue) installment of the popular Bill Travis Mystery series.



An Erotic Mystery

Arch Tasker has everything he ever wanted in his life except the one most important thing. He's a multi-millionaire with a grand home, a collection of fine cars, rare and valuable art donning the walls of his palatial mansion, and above all the love of his life as his wife. There's only one problem: Arch's wife, Susan, has contracted an amoeba that has virtually destroyed her mind, and now she sits in a vegetative state in the home they share under the care of a twenty-four hour nurse, and Arch's existence has become one of isolation and continual pain.

Into his life, seemingly from nowhere, comes Erin Cloud Shadow Smith, the sole daughter of a Lipan Apache mother and Scotch-Irish itinerant farmer. The sad tale of her life thus far, told in the course of a single night in a late-night diner, cements the two of them together. Erin is younger than Arch by ten years, she is single, and at loose ends with herself and existence. But it becomes apparent that she needs him as much as he needs her. Thus begins their rise into the heavens of erotic ecstasy and their ultimate fall down into the abyss of tragedy as the overwhelming factors that stand in their way—unmitigated hate, self-loathing, jealousy, and the darkest of betrayals—seek to destroy them both, whether separately or together.

This is a frank but disturbing tale of desire, need, and unbridled raw emotion. It is also a story about what it essentially means to be human.


An Antarctic Mystery

The year is 1888, and twenty-one men are braving the harsh continent of Antarctica on a quest to reach the South Pole. Mere hours into their advent on the ice, one of the contingent of Brazilian laborers is found murdered, and thus begins not only a fight against the elements themselves, but a battle of wits and for survival against a monster among the remaining men; a heartless, albeit reptilian malice like none any of them have ever before encountered.


As the men continue to die, one by one, and Jonathan Gleese, the expedition's leader, becomes adamant about pressing onward to the point of obsession approaching insanity, two comrades-in-arms from opposite sides of the U.S. Civil War begin to suspect not only their leader and his closest companions, but the purpose of the expedition itself.  



Jem is an orphan living in the floating city of Cirrus. As the dreaded Horn attack, Jem and his friends are scooped up in the adventure of a lifetime when the floating orphanage, Janus, is destroyed. Not only must Jem, Crowen, Kaetu, and a mec named Goat survive aboard a Horn capital ship, but they must find a way to save each other and all of Skye. In order to do so, Jem and his friends soon find themselves in the crosshairs of the two greatest fleets ever assembled with a battle coming that may bring nightfall upon Earth forever. But there is hope in a well-kept secret buried beneath a mountain far below in the Land left devastated by the two-hundred year-old holocaust.

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The Bill Travis Mysteries Poster

VintPrint presents the Bill Travis Mysteries Poster, featuring the covers of the first 13 novels in the series and the first 3 Omnibuses. This elegant poster, artistically crafted by the incomparable Elizabeth Mackey, is a must-have for the ultimate Bill Travis fan. Printed on heavy glossy paper, and measuring 24"x36" with a 1/4" white border for framing, Bill's adventures are graphically brought to life in the format approved by George Wier. 

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The series in order:


The Last Call

Capitol Offense

Longnecks & Twisted Hearts

The Devil To Pay

Death On The Pedernales

Slow Falling

Caddo Cold


After The Fire

Ghost of the Karankawa

Desperate Crimes

Mexico Fever

The Lone Star Express

Trinity Trio

Buffalo Bayou Blues

Reveille In Red


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