FORTHCOMING (in progress)
Bill Travis #19

When Julie convinces Bill that they must travel to Amarillo up in the Texas Panhandle to attend a dance benefit for a museum, knowing where his bread is buttered, Bill goes along. Well before the halfway point in the trip, however, they get an Amber Alert, and curiosity getting the better of him, Bill makes a call to the Austin Texas Rangers barracks. A kid has apparently been taken in Canyon, Texas, right along the path they are traveling. The trail leads to Felix Bruce, the now-retired FBI agent from The Last Call and Death On the Pedernales, and thus begins a trip by the two men down into Palo Duro Canyon to find the missing kid and the female kidnapper, and an adventure of greed, necessity, and sheer grit awaits. As Bill and Felix navigate the lost canyons and caves of Texas' largest canyon, they find there is far more than the vast empty spaces to explore; there is also the legend of lost gold in their path. With the greatest treasure ever known hanging in the balance, and death following closely behind, it's Bill Travis in his most heroic adventure by far in Amarillo Waltz.

Amarillo Waltz is the nineteenth book in the Bill Travis Mystery series.

It is currently available for pre-order on Amazon with a release date of September 21, 2020.

Bill Travis #18

It has been seventeen years since Keesha White abruptly appeared in Bill Travis' life out back of a run-down duplex in East Austin. Now she is a civil rights attorney with a special client who has a problem that only Bill can help resolve. Caro Wallace was once both a blues musician and a Negro League baseball player back in the ancient of days, but in his nineties he has been arrested for murder, and a "just-the-facts" detective wants to pin a string of serial murders on the old man as well. To help, Bill calls in his friend Tim Bryant, an East Texas author and blues music historian, and together the two men launch forward into Bill's most harrowing adventure yet, with more street fights, zinging bullets, and explosions than ever before.

The Long Goodnight is the eighteenth book in the Bill Travis Mystery series.

It is currently available on Amazon in ebook and trade paperback.

Bill Travis Mysteries Poster
The Bill Travis Mysteries Poster

VintPrint presents the Bill Travis Mysteries Poster, featuring the covers of the first 13 novels in the series and the first 3 Omnibuses. This elegant poster, artistically crafted by the incomparable Elizabeth Mackey, is a must-have for the ultimate Bill Travis fan. Printed on heavy glossy paper, and measuring 24"x36" with a 1/4" white border for framing, Bill's adventures are graphically brought to life in the format approved by George Wier. 

Now available either directly through VintPrint or via Amazon.

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Bill Travis Mysteries on Amazon


That's right, the entire Bill Travis Mystery series is available on Amazon. Get them while they're hot!


The series in order:


The Last Call

Capitol Offense

Longnecks & Twisted Hearts

The Devil To Pay

Death On The Pedernales

Slow Falling

Caddo Cold


After The Fire

Ghost of the Karankawa

Desperate Crimes

Mexico Fever

The Lone Star Express

Trinity Trio

Buffalo Bayou Blues

Reveille In Red

Bexar County Line

The Long Goodnight

Amarillo Waltz


Now available on Amazon here!



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