It has been my good fortune to be permitted to review the works of other authors from time to time. Below are a few select reviews for books I heartily recommend.


The Lascaux Nightmare review


Robert A. Taylor


My Review: "Robert A. Taylor weaves a mystifying spine-tingler with Lovecraftian overtones that stands modestly on the shoulders of such giants as August Derleth, Robert Bloch, and Henry James. The deftness of his prose parallels the steady hand of a skillful surgeon, cutting ever so adroitly into the skin of our dreams to expose the malignancy of our primal fears. For the lover of the thrice-told chilling tale, The Lascaux Nightmare is a bloodfeast."


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Dutch Curridge book review


Tim Bryant


My Review: "Tim Bryant may know more about blues and the blues musicians of a bygone age than any man alive, but when it comes to penning a down-and-dirty whodunit, you can hear the blues harmonica from Jacksboro Highway all the way over to Summit Avenue. Bryant's quavering, wailing, tortured soliloquy speaks in a language that communicates to this old mystery reader's heart. His down-but-not-out Dutch Curridge is the real deal. I can taste the dirt and drink the misery of old Fort Worth."


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Kellie's Diary book review


Thomas Jenner and Angeline Perkins


My Review: "Surrealistic and haunting, this story gets under the skin like a virulent infection... Jenner's slightly twisted yet subtle narrative as seen through Kellie's innocent eyes is compelling..."


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