The Last Call by George Wier

THE LAST CALL - A Bill Travis Mystery #1​



Bill Travis believes that he may not live the most exciting of lives, yet when Julie Simmons steals two million dollars from North Texas quarter horse racer and illegal liquor baron Archie Carpin, the last of a dynasty of criminals from the 1920's, thus ensues a chase across the Lone Star State to recover the money. Carpin's cohorts may seem simple-minded, yet their penchant for sniper rifles and high-explosives makes for a reckless and deadly quarry. Yet, through all this action the compelling tale of another mystery--the 80-year unclosed missing-persons file of a U.S. Marshall--begins to unravel.

The Last Call starts with a protagonist on the edge of an impending midlife crisis. Add a blond and an old friend with a fetish for high explosives, and you have the kickoff of a first-rate crime novel. George Wier writes with wit, verve, and a gut-bucket knowledge of Texas and those who people its quirky underside. This book does not disappoint.

Milton T. Burton, author of These Mortal Remains.

​George Wier's The Last Call has it all: a great setting, characters you care about, a little Texas history, and a twisty plot that's built Texas tough. Get it before last call!

Bill Crider, author of the Sheriff Dan Rhodes Mysteries.

Available on Amazon in Ebook format, trade paperback, and audiobook.

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Capitol Offense by George Wier

CAPITOL OFFENSE - A Bill Travis Mystery #2​



When Death Row inmate Norman Howell drops a tidbit about how he and his father once helped the current Texas Governor get rid of competing Vietnamese fishermen with the use of high-powered explosives, Bill Travis has to decide whether to kick (and awaken) this particular sleeping dog, or whether to let it go. But when the Governor's men come calling for him, all hell breaks loose.

Available in: Trade Paperback and Kindle

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Longnecks and Twisted Hearts by George Wier


A Bill Travis Mystery #3



What is the "blue bone" and what does a seventeeth century ship have to do with East Texas? When Bill Travis gets the word that his best friend has been murdered, he not only must take a trip back to the town where he grew up, he must come face to face with some old ghosts who were better left alone. What secrets lie hidden beneath the lush countryside where Bill grew up and what darker, more ancient secret will he unearth?

Available in: Trade Paperback and Kindle.

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The Devil To Pay by George Wier

THE DEVIL TO PAY - A Bill Travis Mystery #4



When Phil Burnet retired as curator of the Texas Rangers Museum, he had no way of knowing his first days of retirement would be his last. When Perry Reilly discovers Bernet's body in Town Lake, Bill Travis must investigate in order to clear his friend, Texas Ranger Walt Cannon.

It is clear from the start, however, that Walt is far more deeply involved than he cares to admit, because when love, betrayal, greed and Satanic worship are thrown into the mix, sometimes there is hell to pay.

Available in: Trade Paperback and Kindle.


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The Bill Travis Omnibus by George Wier



Contains the first 4 Bill Travis Mysteries:

  • The Last Call

  • Capitol Offense

  • Longnecks & Twisted Hearts

  • The Devil To Pay

Available on Kindle​​

Death On The Pedernales by George Wier

DEATH ON THE PEDERNALES - A Bill Travis Mystery #5​


Who killed Edgar Bristow, millionaire philanthropist and war hero? In a small town where everyone knows everyone else, the list of suspects can be every person you meet. What dark secrets wait for the man who is unafraid to turn over any stone. And will the killer strike again, before Bill Travis can get to the truth?

Available on Kindle.

Also now available in Trade Paperback.


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Slow Falling by George Wier

SLOW FALLING - A Bill Travis Mystery #6​


When the old man who is covered in dirt walks into the country honky-tonk and says "The Falling," right before dropping dead, Bill Travis has to penetrate the gathering dark cloak of secrecy surrounding his death and get to the truth before a team of nuclear regulators can rake the entire incident under the carpet. Bill, with his former partner, Hank Sterling--who has now been "recalled to life"--must make a mad dash across the desolate West Texas landscape to save the life of Moe Keithley, a Harley-riding bankruptcy lawyer who is in over his head and may very well be the most radioactive man in the Northern Hemisphere.


Available on Kindle.


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Caddo Cold by George Wier

CADDO COLD - A Bill Travis Mystery #7


Why is the fifty-year-old secret of a missing military transport plane motivating some desperate men to begin setting deathtraps for Bill Travis, his client Holt Gatlin, and anyone else involved? To what lengths will they go to stop Bill for good? Does Holt Gatlin hold the cure to mankind's myriad diseases and possibly the answer to immortality itself, or is he instead the host for an ancient evil? To find the answer Bill must have the help of the most unlikely sidekick of all.


Available on KindleTrade Paperback, and audiobook.

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Arrowmoon by George Wier

ARROWMOON - A Bill Travis Mystery #8​

ASIN: B008A89PM8

What do a leather journal from a previous century, a loaded pistol, and an old safe hidden in an aging barn have to do with a court order that halts the completion of a Texas highway project? Why are snipers taking pot-shots at Lief Prescott, the highway construction manager, and Bill Travis, whom Lief has called in to help?To answer these questions, Bill Travis must get to the heart of a century-old conspiracy before he himself becomes a casualty in a secret war.


Available on Kindle.

Now available in Trade Paperback!


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The Bill Travis Omnibus 2 by George Wier



Contains the second 4 Bill Travis Mysteries:

  • Death On The Pedernales

  • Slow Falling

  • Caddo Cold

  • Arrowmoon

Available on Kindle.
After The Fire by George Wier

AFTER THE FIRE - A Bill Travis Mystery #9

It all began with the untimely death of Sol Gunderson's prize billygoat, Bebe. Since then, someone is out to stop anyone from discovering the truth back of the animal's demise, particularly Bill Travis and his daughter Jessica. Was it toxic chemical waste dumped into Boggy Creek out behind Gunderson's goat farm? Was it radioactive materials? Now Sol is running around shooting his mouth off like a loose cannon, while someone is drawing a bead on Bill and Jessica.

AFTER THE FIRE is the ninth book in the Bill Travis Mystery series.


Note that this edition contains (as bonus material) the first Bill Travis short story, Minton's Legacy.


Available on Kindle. Now available in Trade Paperback!


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Ghost of the Karankawa by George Wier

GHOST OF THE KARANKAWA - A Bill Travis Mystery #10

What are these shrieks in the night in the small, historic Texas Gulf Coast town of Anahuac, and what is the Ghost-killer? Worse yet, why is the last person to hear the shriek dead, his body now as devoid of moisture as a 3,000 year-old mummy? Sometimes doing a favor for a friend and client can wind Bill Travis hip-deep in trouble, and this time is no exception. To get to the heart of the matter, Bill must take his wife and his dog along for the trip and make contact with Wolf Dillard, a self-styled Sasquatch hunter who has a story to tell that is beyond belief.

GHOST OF THE KARANKAWA is the tenth book in the Bill Travis Mystery series.


This edition also contains the short story "The Woodsman" at the end.


Available on Kindle.


Desperate Crimes by George Wier

DESPERATE CRIMES - A Bill Travis Mystery #11

When Jennifer Travis's piano teacher, Todd Landry, goes missing, Bill Travis has to pull out of all the stops to find him before her upcoming piano recital. Along for the ride is not only Jennifer herself, but also her pet ferret, Morgan Freeman, and Bill's old running buddy, Hank Sterling. Zig-zagging all over the map on the trail of an elusive Todd (whom people keep calling "Sam") the team encounters a host of interesting characters including the members of a dynastic millionaire family with enough skeletons in their collective closet to fill a boneyard. It's murder, mayhem, conspiracy and intrigue at a fever pitch for Bill Travis and company.


Desperate Crimes is the 11th installment in the Bill Travis Mystery series.


Now available on Amazon here!


Mexico Fever by George Wier

MEXICO FEVER - A Bill Travis Mystery #12

Former Governor Dick Sawyer may be dying, but he has one final mission for Bill Travis. Bill has to fly to Piste, Mexico, to find Walt Cannon, friend and retired Texas Ranger who disappeared while on the trail of a man named Sunlight, a ruthless killer, drug lord, revolutionary and cult leader. Sunlight wants to return Mexico to the rule of the ancient Maya, but between the jungle and the ruins of a civilization long dead is the most dangerous animal of all--the Mexican Army. With the help of a Mexican police captain, a little girl, and an ornery donkey, Bill Travis must go toe-to-toe with his most dangerous enemy yet in order to save a friend.


Mexico Fever is the 12th installment in the Bill Travis Mystery series.


Now available on Amazon here!

Coming soon in trade paperback!




Contains the third 4 Bill Travis Mysteries:

  • After the Fire

  • Ghost of the Karankawa

  • Desperate Crimes

  • Mexico Fever

Available on Kindle.
The Lone Star Express by George Wier


A Bill Travis Mystery #13

Bill Travis must ride the rails across a Texas he's never before experienced in order to fulfill a friend's dying wish. But the forces arrayed against him are both formidable and downright vicious. This is Bill Travis as you've never seen him in the wildest ride of all time!

Now available from Amazon!

Trinity Trio by George Wier


A Bill Travis Mystery #14

When Bill Travis is asked to travel to the insular East Texas town of Carter to do a favor for his business partner, Bill has to bail a woman out of jail for the attempted murder of a United States Senator, and a pair of Texas Rangers stars get pinned to both Bill’s and his sidekick Hank’s chests. The investigation goes south, however, when the local Sheriff seems to somehow be  involved in a conspiracy to hide the truth. To top things off, there’s a speed demon on the loose tearing up the town, Hank may very well be head-over-heels in love with the bail bondswoman, and Tanya—the woman Bill must free—along with the Sheriff’s wife, Loraine, and the Senator’s wife, Mildred, constitute the Trinity Trio, an unholy alliance holding all the real power in the region. It’s Bill Travis with a badge, a gun, and no-holds-barred action, as well as a mystery that evaporates like smoke with every spin of the revolver’s breech.

Now available from Amazon!

Buffalo Bayou Blues by George Wier


Bill Travis #15

Houston, Texas may be the blues capitol of the world, but when aging blues musician and Vietnam veteran Willard “Cottonmouth” Dalton is asked to kill a man, only Bill Travis can sort out why and get to the bottom of a war between two competing blues taverns and discover the identity of who stands behind a seeming accidental death, an explosion, and a brutal murder—all within a single day and night! Darkness, death and danger stalk the dirty piers of the ship channel and the back street jive joints, but Bill Travis is no stranger to any of them, as what unfolds becomes a deadly confrontation and a climactic fight for his life to the final bars of the darkest ballad of his career.

Now available from Amazon!

Bill Travis #16

Bill Travis is overdue to take his wife on a getaway vacation, and with two tickets for a tour of the Central Texas wine country in hand (bought to assuage his biting conscience) Julie accompanies him on the trip. It just so happens, however, that Bill is also interested in an unsolved murder at a winery near Trantor's Crossing. Thus begins the bus trip of a lifetime with a gruff female bus driver at the wheel and a coterie of bored couples with time on their hands and an unquenchable thirst for alcohol made in Texas vineyards. But around Bill Travis the action can get a little intense, particularly when someone doesn't want him to press the issue any further. Ensues more fist fights, shootouts, helicopter assaults, and even confrontations with a deadly motorcycle gang than anything Bill Travis has ever encountered before.

With heart-pounding action seeping from every wine-stained page, Reveille In Red is the sixteenth (and much overdue) installment of the popular Bill Travis Mystery series.






Contains the third 4 Bill Travis Mysteries:

  • The Lone Star Express

  • Trinity Trio

  • Buffalo Bayou Blues

  • Reveille In Red

Available on Kindle.
Bill Travis #17

In the aftermath of the winery war in Reveille In Red, Bill Travis has to track down the remnants of a biker gang that tried to kill Julie and the passengers of the winery tour bus, “Lone Star Wino Express.” But while confronting one of the bikers, Dale Fluckinger, a hothead with more testosterone than common sense, Bill has to shoot the man. The following day, a sniper very nearly shoots Bill’s daughter, Jennifer, while apparently aiming at Bill while in his own driveway. Bill has to get the family to safety at Nat Bierstone’s ranch retreat before shotgunning for who is behind the failed hit. To do so, he has to take Jessica along with him and head for the outskirts of San Antonio to find Corey Pleasant, yet another loser criminal biker. With Hank Sterling running interference and an untimely and very dead body popping up, Bill has to think outside the box to outwit the mastermind of the plot to kill him. Add in a persistent Perry Reilly who only wants to help, stir for a day or two in the hot summer Texas sun, and you have a smorgasborg of brutal action and adventure as only Bill Travis can serve it.


Bexar County Line is the seventeenth book in the Bill Travis Mystery series.

Bill Travis #18

It has been seventeen years since Keesha White abruptly appeared in Bill Travis' life out back of a run-down duplex in East Austin. Now she is a civil rights attorney with a special client who has a problem that only Bill can help resolve. Caro Wallace was once both a blues musician and a Negro League baseball player back in the ancient of days, but in his nineties he has been arrested for murder, and a "just-the-facts" detective wants to pin a string of serial murders on the old man as well. To help, Bill calls in his friend Tim Bryant, an East Texas author and blues music historian, and together the two men launch forward into Bill's most harrowing adventure yet, with more street fights, zinging bullets, and explosions than ever before.

The Long Goodnight is the eighteenth book in the Bill Travis Mystery series.

It is currently available on Amazon in ebook and trade paperback.

Bill Travis #19

When Julie convinces Bill that they must travel to Amarillo up in the Texas Panhandle to attend a dance benefit for a museum, knowing where his bread is buttered, Bill goes along. Well before the halfway point in the trip, however, they get an Amber Alert, and curiosity getting the better of him, Bill makes a call to the Austin Texas Rangers barracks. A kid has apparently been taken in Canyon, Texas, right along the path they are traveling. The trail leads to Felix Bruce, the now-retired FBI agent from The Last Call and Death On the Pedernales, and thus begins a trip by the two men down into Palo Duro Canyon to find the missing kid and the female kidnapper, and an adventure of greed, necessity, and sheer grit awaits. As Bill and Felix navigate the lost canyons and caves of Texas' largest canyon, they find there is far more than the vast empty spaces to explore; there is also the legend of lost gold in their path. With the greatest treasure ever known hanging in the balance, and death following closely behind, it's Bill Travis in his most heroic adventure by far in Amarillo Waltz.

Amarillo Waltz is the nineteenth book in the Bill Travis Mystery series.

It is currently available for pre-order on Amazon with a release date of September 21, 2020.


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