Neptune's Forge


An Antarctic Mystery

In the year 1888, twenty-two men brave the unforgiving cold of Antarctica ostensibly on a quest to reach the South Pole. But there is a cold-blooded murder in their midst, mutiny is brewing, and their mission turns out to be other than it seems.


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Cold Rains by George Wier


A Jim Rains Thriller

Jim Rains is no slouch when it comes to tracking down and bringing to justice society’s roughest criminals, but Melissa Sossville—blue eyes, cornsilk blond hair, perfect figure and no more than 95 lbs. soaking wet—may be his ultimate match. She’s the stuff of every man’s dreams, and she’s also Jim’s worst nightmare, because while the law may be on his side, Missy usually gets her way, come hell or...worse.


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Errant Knight by George Wier


A Mystery


Ten years ago, Shelby Knight turned in his badge and put his gun under glass. Since that time there hasn’t been a day he hasn’t replayed the shooting death of Aiden Holloway in his mind. When a man kills another man, it changes him forever on the inside. While lost and adrift amid the pieces of his unreconstructed life, Knight is brought in for questioning regarding a recent murder. His own gun has been used in a cold-blooded killing—the ballistics match, he has no alibi, and the police brotherhood of which he was once a well-loved and respected member is now out to nail him to the wall.

Long after the press has dubbed him “The Black Knight,” Shelby takes the fight for his life to the streets in the persona of a self-styled vigilante complete with armor, shield and sword. Only from behind the protection and anonymity of a medieval steel shell can he discover the truth before the killer strikes yet again. But what are these disturbing dreams where he’s killing people he’s never met? Is his only friend the killer? Is it a conspiracy? Or is there a hidden, darker half of himself that takes pleasure in bloodshed?


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Sentinel in Elysium by George Wier


A Mystery


It’s 1975, two years before the murder of Delores Fogel shocked the Central Texas town of Elysium, setting up the chain of events that would lead to the post-millennium conclusion to the mystery in Murder In Elysium. Michael Lee “Mucho Love” Harper, Elysium’s Chief of Police, has a double-murder on his hands–but this is the strangest killing of his career. The Childresses were wealthy and they had their fingers in every slice of local pie. They were, however, hermits, hoarders, and the owners of a chain of funeral parlors that stretched from the Gulf Coast to El Paso. Mucho Love, Elysium’s sentinel, must delve into the minds of the killer and the victims if he intends to keep his job–a monumental task, because the powers-that-be want anything but a resolution.


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Murder in Elysium by George Wier


A Mystery




It’s murder in paradise.

Who killed local debutante Delores Fogel in the sleepy, Central Texas town of Elysium? Benjamin LeFren was exonerated for the crime and released from jail thirty years after the fact, thanks in part to Shane Robeling, former FBI Agent and now Elysium’s Chief of Police. But now Shane is not so sure of LeFren’s innocence. When LeFren shows up in Elysium, Shane must now guard the supposed monster from the townspeople he has sworn to protect, and the only way to do that is to hire him as his ranch foreman, thus—in theory—keeping him out of harm’s way. But then the psychological warfare begins. As the local death toll begins to mount, Shane must discover whether it is LeFren carrying out the killings, an old accomplice, or a sinister conspiracy thirty years dead and gone.


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“The small Texas town of Elysium isn’t a happy place. Shane Robeling, the chief of police, has had a hand in the release of a man convicted of murder nearly thirty years ago. When the man returns to town, resentments flare, old secrets are exposed, and trouble follows. Lots of trouble. The pace is fast, the characters could be your Texas neighbors, and  George Wier has another winner. Check it out.”
—Bill Crider, author of the Sheriff Dan Rhodes Mysteries.

“George Wier has done it again! Murder in Elysium is the multi-layered, dark tale of a decades old murder in this small, picturesque Texas town. Police Chief Shane Robeling still searches for the killer, and his association with Elysium is…complicated. Razor sharp, distinctive characters and a wicked, twisting storyline; these are Wier’s forte, and he is at the top of his game in this tale of murder, secrets, and lies in a town whose surface beauty hides both violence and depravity underneath.”
—Billy Kring, author of the Hunter Kincaid mystery series.

“There’s a reason George Wier ranks among my favorite authors. The man is a first class storyteller who never fails to entertain me with his captivating tales of Texas intrigue and mystery. He’s done it again with Murder in Elysium, the story of an old murder in a small town where secrets and betrayal lurk just below the calm surface, and you never know what skeletons hang in the closets of the folks you nod to on Main Street or sit next to at the counter of the diner. Don’t start this book until you have time to read it all the way through because like all of Wier’s books, you won’t be able to put it down!”
—Nick Russell, Author of the Big Lake mystery series.

“George Wier writes the kind of mysteries that make you skip the chores or forget what's on TV, because you just want to read one more chapter. Then another. Add Murder in Elysium to that list. If you haven't discovered Wier yet, you’re in luck, because he has more than a dozen novels waiting to keep you entertained.”
—Ben Rehder, Author of the Blanco County mystery series.

“The rot that lies beneath the veneer of small-town friendliness is George Wier’s fodder in his masterful Murder In Elysium. In Shane Robeling, he has a detective that should be the replacement on the sad day that Bill Travis (of The Bill Travis Mysteries) finally has his last adventure. With enough clues to point to any and everyone, this mystery will keep you guessing until the final chilling reveal.”
—Robert A. Taylor, Author of Warp and The Lascaux Nightmare, and the creator of Today In Alternate History.


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'14: A Texanthology by George Wier


The Short Stories of George Wier


14 short stories by George Wier, author of The Bill Travis Mysteries and numerous other works, with a Foreword by poet Steven Thomas. Included are: Duckweed, The Eternal, The Grid, The Leonids, The Coat Man, The Field, Blood Anthem, The Woodsman, Death Kiss, In the Radio, The Devil and Mr. Tom Bean, Nickel Cup, Struck, and They Sure Make Good Potatoes at the Mayhill Cafe.


"One of the best up-and-coming authors of our time." -Steven Thomas, Poet


Now available on Kindle. Also available in trade paperback.


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Long Fall From Heaven by George Wier



Cueball Boland and Micah Lanscomb—both ex-cops with troubled pasts—stumble into the path of a serial killer. The murderer leads them into the dark history of Galveston when the city was Texas’ Sin City. The killer has roots sunk deep into that history, but the FBI and the old Galveston families don’t want Cueball and Micah to solve the crimes. Listen closely. There’s an echo of another serial killer who stalked the city back during World War II.

"With an almost encyclopedic knowledge of the historic underbelly of Galveston and a ringing feel for dialogue, Long Fall From Heaven carries us along on a sordid yet seamless narrative of murderous mayhem.​"

Craig Johnson, author of the Walt Longmire Mysteries, the basis for A&E's hit series Longmire.

"Dark and violent as a Gulf storm, Long Fall from Heaven shows us a Galveston full of fascinating characters, secrets, and conspiracies.  Cueball and Michah are a team readers can root for."

Bill Crider, author of the Sheriff Dan Rhodes Mysteries.​​

"Rich in history, Wier and Burton evoke the Galveston I knew from my days with the Galveston News in the 1960s."

Bill Hobby, former Lieutenant Governor of Texas


Long Fall From Heaven has everything you want in a Texas crime novel---dark history, dry wit, characters that are both larger than life and believable, and a true voice. Micah Lanscomb and Cueball Boland may become, like McMurtry's Gus and Call, true legends of Texas fiction. I hope Wier makes their exploits into a series we can be reading for years to come.Scott Montgomery, BookPeople/MysteryPeople


Available on Kindle and in Trade Paperback


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Lone Star Noir by George Wier

LONE STAR NOIR - An Anthology​

Edited by Bobby Bryd and Johnny Byrd



Published by Akashic Books, 2009, Lone Star Noir is another installment of Akashic's famous Noir Series, and features gritty crime and mystery fiction from some of today's greats and at least one newcomer. In this instance, the newcomer is George Wier (and his short story, "Duckweed". Other authors include: Lisa Sandlin, Claudia Smith, David Corbett  Luis Alberto Urrea, Tim Tingle, James Crumley, Jessica Powers, Joe R. Lansdale, Milton T. Burton, Sarah Cortez, Jesse Sublett, Dean James, Ito Romo, and Bobby Byrd.

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